Welcome, and thank you for visiting Good Boy Ruff Life! I am Kelly, the human voice behind this blog, which was inspired by my dog Lion. I was born and raised in Brazil, finished high school in Taiwan, and have been living in the US since college. After graduating from Wellesley College in 2011, I moved to New York City, and began a career rollercoaster only possible in a city like NYC. I began my career helping companies acquire and merge with other companies, transitioned to helping c-suite strategize at a major apparel retailer, but then really found my calling helping small companies grow – from a good-food startup, to home security technology and office space startups.

For a very long time, career was my life’s main focus. But it all changed when I met my husband Edwin, and we adopted our pup Lion. Edwin’s love for adventure matched mine, and this perfect combination led us on many trips – and even two extended sabbaticals together. Lion tags along as much as he can, across oceans and seas, and is patient as he navigates a new city and makes new fur-ends. Paw-renthood opened my eyes to the most beautiful and pure love dogs have for humans, but also to the great injustice and cruelty that many dogs suffer at the hands of cold hearted people. I’m on a mission to help dogs leave the rough life, for a life of love they deserve.

I started this blog to share our adventures as a human/dog family, with the hope that it will inspire you to seek out more adventure with your pup AND help dogs leave the rough life at the same time. How, you wonder? I’m glad you asked!

100% Proceeds go to help dogs leave the ruff life

When you follow affiliate links on Good Boy Ruff Life to purchase items listed in the post, we donate 100% of the associated proceeds to organizations that help dogs leave their rough life. Because I often wonder how my own donations get put to work, we will post regular updates on how the funds are being allocated and why.