Bringing dogs from the US to Taiwan, Part 3: Quarantine & pick-up

This post is the third part of a three-part series about bringing your dog from US to Taiwan. Part 1 is about the decision, process and paperwork, and part 2 is about US departure and Taiwan arrival.

Now that you have successfully entered Taiwan and cleared airport inspection with your pup, the longest week of your life is about to begin. While your pup is in quarantine, make sure to schedule a visit if you can, and make the final payments for a smooth pick up.


Guanyin quarantine facility near Taipei

For dogs that are quarantined for one week or less, you are allowed a single visit at the quarantine facility. For dogs that are quarantined for more than one week, you get one additional visit/week for each additional week of quarantine. For example, if your dog needs to be quarantined for 2 weeks, you’ll be able to visit them twice a week.

Visitation rules are pretty strict: Visits are 90 minutes long, from 2 – 3:30PM Monday – Friday (except holidays) and must be scheduled at least 2 days prior by calling 03-4761-711 ext. 600. Only two visitors are allowed per pet, and one of the visitors must be the official “owner” and must bring a valid form of ID. More information available at BAPHIQ’s website here.

We brought lots of treats and some toys for Lion. You can also request to bathe your dog at their bathing facility, though Lion dislikes baths, so we didn’t want to spend that time together doing something so unpleasant for him!

Visiting Lion during quarantine

The staff also supposedly captures 2 minutes of “lifestyle” video footage per day of your dog in quarantine, which dog owners can view through this online portal (you’ll have to call them at 03-4761-711 ext. 600 to obtain the serial code for your dog). In reality, we only got one 2 minute footage of Lion for the entire week (not one per day), and the entire video was him looking sad in his little quarantine cell… So don’t have high expectations for this video footage service!

The Guanyin quarantine facility address is: 桃園市觀音區保障里5鄰草漯 33-2 號. GPS coordinates are: 25.075226,121.148322.


Happy to leave the quarantine facility!

The big day is here, and you can’t wait to be reunited with your baby! Before you head over to the quarantine facility, make sure you pay the necessary fees for a smooth pick-up. 

Towards the end of your pet’s quarantine, the quarantine facility should send an email to you with 2 payment slips attached – one called “inspection fee” (審查費), the other called “service fee”(服務費). Our fees in January 2019 were NT$1,500 (US$50) and NT$3,220 (US$105) respectively. Print out these two payment slips, and pay at any major convenience store (7-11, OK Mart, Hi-Life etc). Make sure you bring enough cash because convenience stores typically won’t accept foreign credit cards when collecting this kind of payment (collection for a 3rd party).

With the payment receipt in hand, make sure you get to the quarantine facility during the facility’s pet pick-up hours. For the Guanyin location, pick-up hours are 9:30AM – 11AM, and 2PM – 3:30PM. Once you get there, show them the receipt, and your dog will be brought to you! In your excitement, remember to do a quick inventory of everything you brought along with your dog, and also make sure you collect the Pet Registration form from them – which serves as the official proof of your dog’s legal presence in Taiwan. This form is especially important for when/if you decide to bring your dog out of Taiwan at some point. 

Pet Registration form

Cost: Cash payment of NT$4,720 ($155) for inspection and service fee.

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You made it! Please give your pet an extra hug and kiss for us. If you have any questions, please comment below and we’ll be happy to help if we can. If you have any additional advice, please also comment below!

Please note that the information here is accurate for healthy pet dogs traveling as your checked luggage in cargo, on the same flight as you, from the US (excluding Hawaii and Guam) to Taiwan as of January 2019. There may be changes at any point, and we cannot guarantee that this stays updated. We highly recommend you double check all the linked resources to make sure you are following the latest protocols. 


4 thoughts on “Bringing dogs from the US to Taiwan, Part 3: Quarantine & pick-up

  1. Thank you for this! I have a question regarding the quarantine. I see it is three weeks everywhere but yours was one week? Just curious how it is determined for a dog if you know. TIA for any help. Also thanks for letting us know we should get our dog use to the crate ahead of time I hadn’t thought of that.

    1. Hi Lisa – Thank you for visiting GBRL! Great question. From what I know, quarantine used to be 3 weeks until a few years ago, and was recently changed to 1 week. Unfortunately most of the online resources have not been updated to reflect that, but if you call Taiwan’s BAPHIQ, they should be able to confirm the 1 week quarantine policy for all dogs. And glad to hear that the crate acclimation tip was helpful 🙂 Happy travels!

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